New move is coming right along!

Wow! Lots of things going on in preparation for the new move to Roseville. The remaining permits were finally obtained and inside construction has been hammering along ever since. Sheetrock is up and it is starting to look like an office now. We also finally decided on a new Avaya IP Office system from Protronics. We looked at multiple vendors and phone systems. In the end we went with Protronics. The bid was quite the time consuming and eye opening experience, but all beneficial! Time very well spent. I just wish we could have made everyone happy.

We were also looking at partnering with a telecom broker/consultant and chose to go with Patrick Wefers over at Infinium Communications. We looked at either continuing to manage it ourselves or get some help, and due to the amount of time and hassle it always seems to be dealing with the phone companies, we opted for some help. We had a look at two other brokers, and in the end we felt that Infinium was the best fit for us.

And the last bit of info that I have for you today is a nice write-up that the Roseville Press-Tribune did for us. You can have a look at it HERE!

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