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December 7, 2012

From: Gary Johnson, President Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc.


I am very excited to announce that Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc. has been acquired by Global Imaging Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: GISX) a wholly owned subsidiary of the Xerox Corporation.

Over the past 25+ plus years Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc. (previously known as Wolco Business Systems, Inc.) has enjoyed an incredible amount of success providing state of the art office equipment and solutions to the business community in Central and Northern California. Our success was largely due to a strong team of employees at all levels, a great partnership with Toshiba, and the continued loyalty of our valued customers. During these 25 years we experienced a tremendous amount of growth; were blessed with multiple national awards and consistently recognized as a leader within our industry. I am VERY proud of what Zoom and its team members have accomplished!

It's that success that caught the attention of Global Imaging Solutions, Inc. Global has also experienced incredible success acquiring strong dealers focused on excellent customer service in key markets and has allowed those dealerships to continue as independent operators with the same leadership and business philosophy that made those businesses successful in the first place. It is truly a unique business model in our industry.

Global's business philosophy was a major factor in our decision to move forward with this opportunity. I believe it will allow Zoom to further build on the strong foundation laid down over the last 25 years.

Foremost in our decision was how the transition would affect Zoom's loyal customers and employees. In the end, the answer to every concern was very positive. Here are several key factors supporting that assertion:

  • Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc. will continue to operate as Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc.
  • The same Leadership and Management Team will remain in place.
  • Zoom and its management team will continue to retain local decision making authority.
  • No personnel changes are planned as a result of this acquisition.
  • Zoom will remain a Factory Authorized Toshiba Sales and Service Dealer.
  • In addition, Zoom will add the full line of Xerox Products to our offerings in the very near future.

As you can see, there will be very little change in how Zoom does business. And our partnership with Global will only allow us to improve the great service and support you've come to expect from Zoom Imaging Solutions.

If you have ANY questions or concerns I urge you to either contact your account representative or me personally. I would be happy to share my thoughts with you regarding the incredible future our partnership with Global will provide to our customers and employees.

Gary Johnson
Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc.

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