Resolve SMB Workflow Needs With Toshiba MFPs

Resolve SMB Workflow Needs With Toshiba MFPs

Some small and medium sized businesses (SMB) are moving workflows into the cloud as better and less expensive ways of doing business emerge. Most SMBs still rely on paper for business transactions and an often overlooked opportunity is using the power of today's Toshiba MFPs to simplify workflows.

If you use a document management system, such as Drivve, eCopy, docSTAR, Re-Rite, etc., you know how it can help improve your business. Most of us tend to use networked file shares and email to move documents around our organizations. Toshiba MFPs can give you some basic workflow support and enhance day-to-day productivity, even if you have a document management system.

Since many of us rely on paper, using a Toshiba MFP to scan paper documents into an existing document management system speeds up transactions. If you've ever had to search for a signed work order or a contract in a filing cabinet, you know how much time you waste. By using the scan to folder capabilities of a Toshiba MFP, you can easily turn your paper document into PDFs and put them directly into your document management system. That makes search and retrieval easy.

If you don't have a document management system, you can scan documents directly to a shared network folder or to a document server built into the Toshiba MFP. Many people aren't even aware this exists. Since all Toshiba MFPs have hard drives and are computers on the network, they have e-filing capabilities built into them. You can set up folders and use them as a basic document management system.

Many businesses need to send documents to multiple people quickly. A Toshiba MFP can allow a business with multiple locations to use scan-to-email policies to deliver data to multiple users automatically. In fact many Toshiba MFPs allow you to set up buttons on the touch panel for predetermined tasks. Imagine getting in an order, putting it in the sheet feeder of a Toshiba MFP, hitting a button and having the document scanned and emailed to accounting, sales, fulfillment and service departments.

If you need more complex capabilities, you can always configure software that automates more of the workflow process. You can transform your scanned documents into Microsoft Word or Excel files and have these automatically route to a folder, an email address or even a cloud service on the Internet. Some people want to create image files so there is no possibility of changing them. This can be important for any legal, financial or healthcare matters, since information integrity is important. You can select an option to create a JPG or TIFF image right from the Toshiba MFP panel.

A very popular option is to scan a document and create a searchable PDF. That makes it easy to index anywhere you store it. You can even create secure PDFs if you need additional security. You could scan a document, transform it into a PDF and have it immediately encrypted with a persistent security policy that controls who can access it and what they can do with it. That's one way to speed up your workflow, but guarantee that only authorized people can use the document.

As more SMBs look for ways to streamline their operations, the Toshiba MFP becomes a great tool to simplify workflows. By scanning paper documents and eliminating the tedium of working with hard copies, you can get more done in less time. Every business loves that.

Excerpt taken from Joe Contreras, Toshiba Copiers

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