Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Zoom Employees!!!

In the links below you will find the video of Myself, Jill, Ed, and Mike completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on behalf of Zoom. The ice water was dumped on us by our fellow Zoom employees. They seemed to enjoy it a little too much, hopefully they got their money's worth since each off them donated to ALS for the opportunity.

As you watch the video you will be happy to know that we've challenged EVERY ZOOM EMPLOYEE to complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by close of business this Friday. For each employee that completes the challenge and sends us the video Zoom will make a donation to ALS.

So have some fun, do it in a group or individually and let's see which region can raise the most money.

Looking forward to making a nice donation to ALS!

Gary Johnson
Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc.
A Xerox Company

Gary getting drenched!

Jill got soaked!

but at least it was a warm day, ha ha!

Tony taking his time on Ed!

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